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  • Sharon Scheenstra

Praise for the Morning

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Sharon is a reluctant poet. In spite of her work being published decades ago in Daughters of Sarah, and her winning Western Michigan University’s Trial Balloon poetry award one year, she’s mostly allowed her gift to lie fallow. Partly because of my prodding and provoking, she’s given herself permission to begin jotting down lines and stanzas again as well as revisit poems she's started over the years. Sharon and I share a love for the early mornings and the divine encounters they seem to make possible. I’m grateful she gave me permission to share this poem with you.

Praise for the Morning

A choir of crickets

and a crescent moon,

a cup of good coffee with cream,

then Scripture

and seeing

through tears that You’re keeping

my own mortal being,

the small joys and fears.

Nearby and dear,

eating toast, jotting notes

a companion for courage

or conflict

or hope

and Christ!

all the time

if asleep in my boat

I wake Him

I weep

the sweet sun comes up

the Story continues

and I am replete.


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