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An Advent Poem


You are beyond my hearing,

and the Word comes

You are beyond my gaze,

an image forms

You are beyond my understanding,

and I recognize you

You are beyond my grasp,

yet here I am.

A rising sun’s distance

letting us be, discover, grow,


while flailing, failing, falling,

you forgive, free, finish what you began.

Silence forever pregnant, perpetually giving birth.

I call your Name, who never left.

More Personal than this icon I am;

more Real than my immaculate conceptions.

You are Jesus, the Word made flesh,

Mary’s son, and God’s.

I know you,

but not nearly as I am known.

This being disadvantaged

gives me great joy!

Faith penetrating the dark radiance,

peering through opaque, visionary eyes

at who and what is true.

You are vastly more, beyond beyond;

and I am held. here. by You.


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